How To Stop Pain & Dis-ease From Taking Over Your Life By connecting Spirit, Mind & Body

The first book in a series- From Panic to Empowerment: How to Stop Pain & Dis-ease From Taking Over Your Life by Connecting Spirit, Mind & Body; captures the human condition. The search for health & wellness in a society that promotes ineffective, harmful treatment for illness; instead of supporting prevention that can lead to self-healing can be a daunting task. If you're tired of waiting for the next best thing to cure what ails you, try tapping into a resource that's readily available but rarely used. Discover a quick life hack. Start using the simple 3 step rule that gets results every time you use it. Many books give advice; every chapter of this award-nominated work offers an action plan! Laugh, cry, get angry, then execute. Your transformation from panic to empowerment happens with the support of a companion e-workbook and online courses at From Panic to Empowerment University.

How To Stop Pain & Dis-ease From Taking Over Your Life By connecting Spirit, Mind & Body

Nominated for two prestigious literary awards in 2017  made it necessary to add insights and additional information not offered in the original book. The Second Edition shares profound nuggets of wisdom and gives the reader an opportunity to connect with the rich content in preparation for the explosive revelations only found in the new book.  It also offers bonuses to communicate with Dr. Reid via free coaching and learning materials for continued self-development.

From Panic to Empowerment
How To Embrace an Angel When You Expected A Baby

Who do you blame when your baby dies? God? Medical mistake?  Probably not a topic many want to discuss, but one that begs a voice.  Millions of women throughout history have experienced the death of a Child.  In the pages of the first book, Dr. Reid shares the heart-wrenching story of Melody along with other case studies.  Cleverly showcasing personal experiences of herself and clients,  Dr. Reid helps you discover the cause of your dis-ease. In this work, she candidly reveals every detail of how she overcame the agonizing grief of losing Melody; reframed the meaning of her daughter's life and death story, thus illuminating the road for your recovery.  Take a ride on the crazy side as you get to be a fly on the wall as Dr. Reid reveals every personal detail of a very private journey.  She candidly answers every burning question you wanted to know about being pregnant after 40, but afraid to ask. Finally,  you can make peace with the drama and emerge triumphant as you embrace your actual role as the mother of an angel when you naturally expected a baby.